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Получил трогательное письмо:

Dear Amazon customer,

Amazon is no longer offering an unlimited storage plan. As a current unlimited storage plan customer, you can choose to keep your existing unlimited plan through the end of your current subscription.

At any time, you can cancel your subscription or switch to a new annual storage plan of 100 GB for $11.99 per year, or $59.99 per 1 TB per year up to 30 TB by visiting your Manage Storage page.

If you have auto-renew turned on and less than 1 TB of data, you will be automatically renewed into a new 1 TB plan for your existing rate of $59.99/year at your renewal date. If you have auto-renew turned off or have over 1 TB of data, we will notify you by email before your subscription end date to remind you that you will need to choose a new storage plan. If you choose not to renew your subscription, digital files that exceed your allotted free storage will be deleted after a grace period of 180 days in accordance with our Data Retention Policy.

For more information about our storage plan changes, please visit our FAQ page.

Thank you,



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